Our choice involving molding is intended to be strategic, giving our customers the opportunity to be able to create and then test with us molds ranging from very small dimensions, even for high productivity, up to a volume of 600x600x600 mm.

In fact, we have presses ranging from Babyplast, to Boy XS, to Fanuc Roboshot A -S100iA and we have a 220 Ton on the way, all equipped with thermoregulation units for the molds that can reach temperatures of 160°c with the use of the pressurized water. Over time we have acquired good experience using materials of all kinds, from the simplest to the most complex, from filled, to recycled, to additives passing through the new generations of materials with low environmental impact (PLA – PHA – PHB and others) but in any case, all processed in the correct way, using drying or dehumidification systems with which we are equipped, all coordinated by a production management software that makes it a 4.0 plant to all intents and purposes.