Molds construction

If the design is the starting point, the construction is the heart for the realization of the product that our client orders us.
It’s precisely here that we bring into play all our experience but also that of expert external collaborators, in the use of the latest technologies in the fields of steels, injection systems, use of technologies such as additive manufacturing, heat treatments rather than surface coatings in order to improve the performance of the mold during the molding phase.
The construction of our molds finds its application in several markets, ranging in fact from the medical one to the automotive one, passing through electronics to the small household, the sanitary sector rather than gadgets.
Our key words are diversification and flexibility, provided that the focus is on the search of the highest quality for a mold that can be very small (babyplast presses), rather than a maximum size corresponding to a volume of 650mm for side.