The management of complex projects for the realization of new products, also requires a widespread organization that guarantees a linear and controlled development, even in the event that critical issues should arise.
This is why, for some years now, we have included in the company a production management software that better helps us in the organization of work and in making the most of the resources we can put in place at a technological level.
Among these, completes the range of services our metrology room, where we find a motorized CMM machine and a microscope equipped with a camera and a learning and measurement software for the analysis of very small pieces.

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Moldex3D is the market leader among CAE products for the plastic injection mold industry. With its best-in-class technology, it helps us simulate the widest range of processes for injection molds by verifying their printability by optimizing product design and feasibility. With this simulation software, we add an additional service to the many already active to be made available to our current and potential future customers.